The Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club facilities are for use by members only, on non race days, and is secured with a key lock. All members are issued (Non Duplicatable)security keys. A membership year is from June 1 through May 31. If you need to purchase, or renew your membership, contact by email Jeanine Davis, or by phone @ 254-717-4811. Please DO NOT CALL JEANINE FOR TRACK CONDITIONS. The track recorder is 254-875-9955

For your convinience, you may download and print the Membership Application

Make note that the Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club facilities are for use by members only, all others are considered tresspassing and will be prosecuted. Members may invite riding guests to the club for $10 per day, per rider, as long as the guest fills out the required form and the member signs them at the guest box located, at the stop sign as you enter the property. Under no circumstances is a member to loan their key or allow a "guest" access to the club facilities without filling out the guest form and placing their money in the guest box. Failure to comply will result in the member losing club priveleges. A member will not open the gate for anyone without verification that the person entering of leaving is a current member. A current key or membership card will be proof. Members will close and lock the gate upon entering and leaving the property. EMS and emergency personel have access to the property.

Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club Constitution
Amended July 6, 2005

This constitution may be added to or amended by being submitted in writing at a regular club meeting. The proposed amendment will then be posted on the bulletin board, or Internet site, for two weeks, and voted on at the next meeting. A two-thirds vote of all attending, and active members in good standing, will be required to pass an amendment.

Article 1
Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club members are to include motorcycle riders, persons actively connected with the motorcycle trade and motorcycle enthusiasts. Honorary members shall be any other person as the club may decide by a two-thirds vote, of those present, at any regular club meeting. Only members in attendance and in good standing will be entitled to vote on club affairs and each family membership shall only be entitled to one vote.

Article 2
Business affairs and procedures of the Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club are to be managed by elected officers in a manner as outlined in this document.

Article 3
Regular meetings of the club are to be held on the last Tuesday of each month and a record of "minutes" will be kept of each meeting. Any elected official may call a special meeting by posting written notice on the Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club track bulletin board and or the Internet Website at least four days in advance.

Article 4
Officers will be elected from the membership body. The official nominated officers for the club are president, vice president, vice president of membership, secretary, treasurer, road captain, referee, and 5 executive committee members. The term of each office will be one year with the exception of executive committee members. Executive Committee members will serve a two-year term. The afore mentioned officers will be nominated each year by the club membership at a regularly scheduled meeting during the month of October and elected by majority vote by club membership at a regularly scheduled meeting during the month of November. The elected officers will take office on January 1st following the election. Executive committee officers will be elected on a biannual basis and will be elected in such a manner as to cause no more than three executive committee officers to be elected each year. More than three Executive Committee members may be elected if there is a need to fill a vacant position or other unforeseen need. Any current or previously elected officer may be nominated and elected, or reelected, to serve multiple terms in the same office or any other office in which nominated and elected. Only club members in good standing and in attendance will be entitled to vote.

Article 5
In the event an officer resigns or is unable to fulfill his office, and has served more than half of his current term in office, the remaining officers, to include the executive committee, may vote to replace that officer by a majority vote. If the officer has served less than half his term in office, a nomination by membership for that office will be held at the next regular business meeting of the club and the office is filled by a membership election at the next subsequent regular meeting. The new officer will take office immediately after elected and serve out the duration of that term. In the absence of an officer, the following will be the order of succession to act pro tem for the club until that officer returns to his duty or is replaced; president, vice-president, vice-president membership, secretary, treasurer, referee, most senior executive committee member. The current President or President Pro Tem may supersede this order of succession by causing a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Article 6
The duties of the president are to preside at all club meetings and supervise the affairs of the club. The president may appoint persons or committees not otherwise ordered by the club and to assist all other officers when needed. The president will represent the club on proper occasions and in business contracts.

Article 7
The main duty of the vice-president is to perform duties of the president in his absence, and other duties as assigned by the president.

Article 8
The vice president of membership is in charge of memberships and all duties concerning membership. This shall include track access, proper documentation, collection of monies from membership, membership renewals, and other duties as assigned by the president.

Article 9
The duties of the secretary shall include keeping a record of club meetings in the minute book, sending out notices of regular and special meetings, and handling all club incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Article 10
The duties of the treasurer is to collect club dues, make all payments from club funds when ordered after approval by the executive board committee and countersigned by the club president, and to provide a statement of club funds when called upon to do so by any club officer.

Article 11
The executive committee is comprised of 5 members who are to act for the club when called upon. Duties include, but are not limited to, making final decisions upon expulsion of club members, investigating important business to the club, and presenting other important matters to the President and or club body. Executive committee members may vote on urgent business matters concerning the club when time does not permit such business to be presented at a regular club meeting. Executive committee members have the right to inspect all bills and documents, and bring irregularities to the attention of the president and or club body to be dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.

Article 12
The duties of the road captain are to plan all club tours, runs, and activities. The road captain is to create interest in club activities and assist in handling socials, parties, and club functions. The road captain will also enforce all rules of group riding and may appoint one or two assistants to aid in special tasks.

Article 13
The referee is to have general supervision over all "club" sanctioned competition events.

Article 14
A member who wishes to run for club office shall attend a minimum of 6 meetings per year, participate in the organization or operation of a minimum 6 races per year, and work a minimum of 6 days for the club each year. The prospective member shall live within a thirty-five mile radius from Waco and be a current two-year member of the club.


Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club By-laws

These rules will be strictly enforced! They are for the safety of all riders and spectators assuring enjoyment for everyone. Any person not honoring these rules will be disqualified and/or barred from the race and/or club property. This includes friends, pit crew, and anyone with a rider. Circumstances not covered in these rules will be left to the judgement of the race promoter, race committee, and the Waco Eagles Motorcycle Club.


1. The order of the club business is to be a reading of minutes from a previous meeting, a report of officers, any unfinished business and any new business.
2. Must be a club member to use the property.
3. Only an active club member is eligible to hold office and vote on club matters.
4. A club membership entitles family members in college or at home, up to twenty-three years of age, club privileges.
5. A club member is responsible for their family or guest while on club property.
6. A member must show club card on property when asked to do so or they may have a fellow member vouch for them.
7. A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming to the club. However charges must first be made in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the executive committee. The committee and club will hold a vote as to disciplinary action to be taken.
8. A member can lose membership if they abuse the facility in any way.
9. No swearing or fighting is allowed on the club property.
10. No guns are allowed on club property.


1. If a member is asked to leave club property by the current club president, they must leave. However, they may ask for a special meeting with the executive committee as to what disciplinary action should be taken next.
2. A club member is responsible for keeping the club property clean. Any member found to be littering club property would be subject to losing club privileges.
3. Parties involving alcohol or reckless behavior are not permitted on club property.
4. The combination and / or key is for club members only, DO NOT GIVE IT OUT!
5. The gate must be locked upon entering and exiting the property.
6. Unauthorized use of club equipment by anyone (water truck, tractor, etc.) is prohibited.
7. Headgear must be worn while on club property.
8. Boots, helmets and eye protection are required.
9. Bikes must display a number clearly on all 3 number plates. A conflicting number on a jersey should not be worn.
10. Riders age as of January 1 will determine which class that rider may participate for the entire year.
11. All riders must know and honor all flags and flagmen are in complete charge of a race.

A. Black Flag - Stop racing, leave track immediately.
B. White Flag - Last lap before a checkered flag.
C. Checkered Flag - End of race. In case the white flag is misused, the race ends only at the checkered flag.
D. Yellow Flag - Caution, danger on the track, do not try to better your position until you have passed the danger area.
E. Red Flag - Stop, or restart the race. On a restart, if 50% of the race is run, it is over; less that 50%, riders line up single file in the position they were scored on the lap before the race was stopped.
F. Red Cross Flag - Ambulance or emergency crew is on track, proceed past danger with extreme caution.
G. Green Flag - GO!

12. When Flag men and riders are at the starting gate and ready to race, the race will not be held up for anyone longer than 3 minutes.
13. Pit area speed limit is first gear or 5mph.
14. Riders leaving marked course for any reason must re-enter where they left the track at the nearest re-entry point and must not seek to improve their position by deliberately cutting off a section of the course. Violators will receive a one-lap penalty.
15. Best finish in the second moto determines a tie.
16. No "dirty riding". Club members set the examples for the guests