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By majority vote at the May 2007 club meeting, members in attendance passed a motion to increase Mx race entry fees from $15 for members- $20 for non-members to $20 & $25 repectively.


Jay King went down hard on Feb 7th while pleasure riding at the track. For those that did not know Jay, he had been a continious Waco Eagles member since the mid 70's. On Feb 23rd, 2007, Jay passed away from internal injuries.

[image] One of our best friends and riding comrades passed away today. Long time Waco Eagles member, Jay King, died due to complications related to the injuries he received while riding a few weeks ago. Words cannot express the feelings of so many at this time. Please offer up your prayers for Jay’s family, as his legacy will be sorrowfully missed.
Godspeed Jay, we love you!

May 26 2006, the club has purchased a new tractor. Financing details are yet to be finalized however we have taken delivery on the unit.



March 31 2006. All the clubs important documents have been retrieved from the expired safety deposit box at Extraco bank and placed into a new safety deposit box at Guarenty bank.in Waco. A new account will be opened the first week of April 2006 and monthly deposits will be made to apply toward the purchase of a new tractor when the time comes.


January 31 2006 Club meeting topics will include discussions to purchase new track maintenence equipment.  With the ever growing population of members and increased racer participation, it is imperitive that we do a better job in maintaining our number one asset, our track. It is rediculus to assume that we can continue to keep up with the demands on the track with the equipment we currently use. A heavy initial investment up front indeed but the big picture will save us time and money with the right equipment.  We are of course a facility run by members and it will be the decission of the club body as to whether or not this topic will pass. Unless you are at the meeting to voice your opinion, forever hold your piece.

January 1 2006. The MX track committee has completed the latest survey and are currently negotiating with a contractor for track repairs. The biggest hold up is lack of rain. Any attempt to reface jumps with the track so dry will do more damage than good.

Several factors were taken into consideration with the new plans. Understanding that it's near impossible to please everyone, we have come up with several changes that we believe will be fun and forgiving. Remember that this is just dirt and it can and will be moved again. Plans are at this point to do only slight mods and save money for a new tractor that will allow us to do the work as needed. 

Waco Eagles is getting a new fence. A pipe fence will replace the existing barbed-wire fence across the front of the property to eliminate uninvited guests. See below

Several un-invited guests were detained recently untill McLennan County Deputies arrived and charged them with Trespassing and Criminal Mischief. The club has filed charges!
If you are not a member and would like to become a member, the cost is $250. the first year to join and $60. anual renewal fee thereafter, this includes the entire family. Membership entitles you to unlimited use of the property and discounts on special event entry fees. Be advised that joining is a lot less expensive than the unauthorized use of club property!